About Us.

Who We Are.

The Social Scousers is an industry’s leading digital marketing agency, offering the very best social media management and digital services at competitive pricing. With a tailor-made social marketing plan, your business can start developing brand awarenessbuilding relationships and increasing website traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

We’re a  social media company with a concentration in small business growth. We’re sharp, vibrant, and have big ideas. We’ll build your social media platforms, fill them with content, interact, engage, dialogue and bond with your visitors and prospects. We’ll keep you current, sharp and in-touch. We also handle website design and excel in photography/videography and graphic design.

How We Started.

Well, unlike some other success stories, it didn’t begin in a basement. It began in a cellar (that’s what they call it on that island on the other side of the pond).

The journey began in Liverpool, England. During his time at St. Francis Xavier High school (15 years old), our CEO James was given the opportunity to work in sales for a company called Cleaning Master LTD. James would often be sent out to the busy city to bang on doors using his charm and quick wit to land sales and gather  phone numbers. 

“What’s wrong with this picture,” James asked himself. No one wants to have a cheeky scouser standing at the secretary window, pleading to speak with the feller in charge. 

Ahead of the curve, James devised a plan. On sale days, when he was sent out of the office with a crumbled sandwich, spotty faced, and wearing a creased suit,  James would bag his usual itinerary. Instead of jumping off the bus at the Paradise Bus Shelter to go bang on doors, James hopped off the bus on Allerton Road at the Costa Coffee shop, where he sat down, grabbed a tea, and opened his laptop. 

And what did the young lad have in mind? He began creating social media platforms for Cleaning Master where he would target businesses that were actually looking for cleaning services. Instead of chasing clients, James would share and engage with potential customers. So what happened? Young James had completely reversed the dynamic. Instead of him calling on clients, the clients were calling on him. 


This pivotal moment began James’ lifelong obsession with digital marketing.

What Is A Scouser And Why Do You Have It In Your Business Name?

What is a scouser and why do you have it in your business name? Firstly, there are two types of Scousers, typical Scousers, born and bred from the city of Liverpool. Then, adopted Scousers, these are people that may not necessarily be from the city, but possess all similar attributes and skills that the locals do. 

The term Scouse comes from ‘lobscouse’ which was a Norwegian dish eaten very popular with sailors during Liverpool’s booming shipyard days. Similar to our services here at Social Scouser, the dish was a mixture of many different items. The dish itself has many different variations, but typically made with potatoes, beef and then any veggies that you could find to throw in the crockpot. The dish became so popular with locals and sailors due to how easy and cheap it was to make, that it stuck with the people of Liverpool.

Scousers are unique. They are unlike anyone else. This is why it is so ingrained in our company and so much in fact, that it’s in our business name. We are characterized by a lot of skills, quick witted, funny, some are hard working, extremely friendly, protective and very proud. When you begin working with Social Scousers, you are then part of the family. We will treat your profiles with all the skills that define Scousers with the upmost skill and attention. ​