Case Study: L1 Goalkeeper

How we increased web sales from $0 to $58,000 in 1 year.

One day, ex-professional goalkeeper Leon Othen, and now coach of goalkeepers, got caught up in a lengthy discussion of gloves through youth.  The conversation persisted for hours. He discussed how gloves that did not fit, gloves that were worn incorrectly and gloves that were far overpriced. Leon decided to design his own glove named L1GK. Leon, number 1, and GoalKeeper. After a couple years of selling his first generation L1 Glove to the players he coached, Leon decided he wanted to be more strategic and sell to a wider audience. 

Leon wanted to be able to provide not only unique designed professional grade gloves that are affordable, but also provide the opportunity for L1 Goalkeepers to become a part of a community. Leon approached the Social Scousers in may 2017, with a fantastic idea, but no social media presence or website to sell the gloves on. 

Long-time client L1GK is a soccer goalkeeper brand, with equipment on players from grassroots to national—and a dominant position in college and consumer markets around North America. L1GK wants to continually update and improve their product line to outperform the market, whilst maintaining a strong community. 

They came with an idea. We helped create. 

Here’s how it happened:

The name celebrated the new renaissance in goalkeeping, acknowledging that the goalkeeper is the last line of defense and the first line of attack, defensive with an offensive demeanor. This meant that we did not have to change the idea Leon first presented with L1GK. 

Social Scousers social team currently run and maintain all L1 Goalkeeper social channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. We have used Influencer marketing along with paid ads to boost engagement and website traffic incredibly in just under 2 seasons. L1 Goalkeeper now represent 5 professional goalkeepers, has saturated the college soccer scene, featured at the World Cup for team Jamaica, sell gloves in several well-known soccer stores throughout North America and has most recently sponsored their first full soccer club with kits and training gear.  

With help from our friends at Weebly, Social Scousers web team created a state-of-the-art website for L1 Goalkeeper, that could user friendly for all customers. The website is fully responsive across all laptops, phones and tablets, and has helped L1 Goalkeeper begin to their gloves sell nationwide. With close to over 17 products online, Social Scousers maintains the website and will track and communicate all inventory and orders to allow L1 Goalkeeper to work most efficiently.